Could you make a documentation about that PBI/SSAS tabular cube ?

Everybody has already encountered the fact to create a documentation about a dataset used in Power BI or about an Analysis Services tabular cube. What a painful task to do it manually ! There are a bunch of tools that can be used to do automate it. I will present you the one that can extract those informations into an excel file !

That magic tool is named : “BISM SSAS Tabular Documentation Tool”

This is a free and open-source tool made by Sorna kumar Muthuraj.

This tool generate a documentation for a Power BI model or for a tabular cube.

The documentation generated contains informations about :

  • Server and informations about connections
  • Dimensions and their sources (query)
  • DimensionAttributes
  • Relationships
  • Hierarchies
  • Measures
  • KPIs
  • Partitions
  • Perspectives
  • Roles

The excel document created contains a tab for each of those element.

Here is a screenshot of the application and the informations that you have to fill


BISM SSAS Documentation Tool
BISM SSAS Documentation Tool SSAS Tabular Instance

Power BI:

BISM SSAS Documentation Tool Power BI Instance

Here is a preview of the informations that the document can contain:

Server tab
Dimension tab
Measure tab

How to download:

This tool can be obtained via github:

You can go to the EXE folder and download the version that you want (portable or installer). I suggest you to download the .MSI version, like that all the dependencies will be installed too.

Click on the EXE folder
Choose the version that you want

I hope this tool will help you as much that it helped me !